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The University of Amanda is the only university entirely dedicated to sex education in North America. 


The University of Amanda has 3 different levels of online Coaching including more than 30 interactive or prerecorded classes dedicated to inclusive sex education for all to hardcore kinks and fetishes. It is also a free online mentoring environment  and the very first Sex Channel created for individuals in the sex industry by professionals of the sex industry. 

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The Back to Basics Channel

This channel offers inclusive sex education classes for everyone and entrance level classes for sex workers. Sign up for free and start learning today!

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The Sex Channel

Watch videos, podcasts and round tables made by real sex workers to educate and share their opinions to the world wide web about sex or the sex industry itself. Sign up free!

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Kitty's Kinks & Fetishes Faculty

On this channel, we break down the taboo, fears and stigma towards alternative sex practices. Kitty's faculty is for adults and sex workers who want to learn how to practice certain kinks and fetishes properly and safely! 

The Master Classes

Improve sexy time with your partner or build on your services as a sex worker; our classes are all private and interactive! We provide a non judgmental learning environment and we answer your questions in real time! Schedule your class now!