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The Coaching Program

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" - Theodore Roosevelt

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Let's Talk About Sex

​University of Amanda is the only place in Canada outside of the therapeutic world, that has developed a series of coaching sessions for adults of any gender and sexual orientation that aim to make you finally feel confident when it comes to sexy time with your partner.​ If you are willing to learn, we can give you something tangible, tailored to your needs and your level of experience that will remain for the rest of your life while changing your views about intimacy.

Combined, our Sex Coaches have nearly 3 decades of successful practice in sex work. From basic sex education classes to intricate oral sex techniques to wow your partner, U of A's Coaching Program teaches you everything you need to know in order to live your best sex life!

What We Do

 Inclusive Sex Education

This channel is dedicated to basic Sex Education, expert tips and discussions on different aspects of our everyday sex life. If it doesn't help you discover or rediscover the basics of sex, it will definitely change your views on sexuality and intimacy!

 Mentor's Master Classes

Our Coaches are sharing their secrets with you! These private and fully interactive classes are the best way to learn tangible techniques either alone, with your partner or in a group!  Learn from the comfort of your home and change your bedtime into fun time! Sex workers are welcome!

Kinks & Fetishes Faculty

This Channel is entirely dedicated to the  world of kink.

Unleash your imagination!

The Back to Basics Channel

This channel offers inclusive sex education classes for everyone and entrance level classes for sex workers. Sign up free and start learning today!

Kitty's Kinks & Fetishes Faculty

On this channel, we break down the taboo, fears and stigma towards alternative sex practices. Kitty's faculty is for adults and sex workers who want to learn how to practice kinks and fetishes properly and safely!