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The Mentoring Program

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill

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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a very current and popular practice in today's corporate world. Mostly, mentoring is done as part of a formal program in companies, universities, chambers of commerce or networking associations. Chip Bell, author and consultant, defines mentoring as "someone who helps someone else learn something that he or she would have learned less well, more slowly or not at all if left alone.''  The mentor will assess the mentee's needs and strategic orientations in order to develop specific skills and knowledge that will significantly improve personal and professional growth.

The sex industry being an extremely competitive world, new companions often have to learn everything the hard way. More experienced companions  often have very little time or interest in taking the knowledge of our future generation into their hands. Most of us often rethink our career and wonder where we would be now if we had known more at a early stage or if we would have at least had some sort of guidance through our younger years. For those who have found a vocation in the sex industry, we learned very quickly that growth is directly related to how you manage your business and your brand but also to the people you meet along the way.

The University of Amanda has united a team of skilled mentors to bring your business to the next level.  We will assign the perfect coach after we reach out to you for the first time in order to evaluate where you are coming from, where you are now and where you are going with your business! You can of course also ask for a specific coach. 

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What We Do

Our mentors offer guidance in the following disciplines:



Social Media Management

Crisis Management

Establishing Strategic Orientations 

Content Creation/OnlyFans/Other Platforms


Touring Management - Proficiency


Booking and Administration

Setting Rates/Policies

Dealing and Interacting with the Suitor

Establishing Long Term Relationships/Repeats

Dealing with Criticism on Review Boards

Incall Management

Location Strategies

We also provide resources for anything related to the sex industry i.e. photographers, accountants, drivers etc...


Most importantly, we provide support and love so you can feel welcomed and develop your full potential!

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Amanda Labelle, Sex Coach

Amanda is the founder of The University of Amanda. Amanda has cumulated 8 yrs of experience on and behind the scenes. Prior to that Amanda has worked multiple years as an Assistant to the President for a Recruitment, Professional Coaching & Employer Branding firm. She also has a degree in Fashion Marketing.  She specializes in marketing, branding middle end of the market, administration, finances and strategic orientations.


Kitty Caterina, Sex Coach

Kitty Caterina is a Coach and Mentor for the University of Amanda with 10 years of experience as an independent companion, content creator and phone sex operator. Kitty specializes in her niche as an alternative companion with tattoos and piercings, and is a great resource for anyone entering or already in sex work. Outside of sex work, Kitty has a degree in Veterinary Technology, is a certified makeup artist and has experience as an Admin Assistant, Dietary Aide and in professional public speaking.


Kasey, Sex Coach

After beginning her career through an agency, approximately a decade ago, Kasey found success as an independent companion just outside the city.  Kasey retired last year to open an agency in an attempt to better the industry that gave her so much.  Having learned many lessons in this business, her experience can come as a great benefit to those who wish to learn about our industry.  Organized problem solver that thrives in environments that call for analysis and creative thinker, she has outstanding customer service skills and is capable of understanding the necessary requirements needed to succeed in this business.

Program Fee & Duration

Mentoring is offered on a monthly, biannual or annual basis. We offer our mentoring on a pay what you can sliding scale, due at the end of your mentorship. We do not wish to capitalize on our fellow companions. Once you are ready to start the process, you can fill out the form in the booking session tab, schedule your first phone call  and let us take care of you!


“I want to give a huge shout out to Amanda and her team. They proofread and edited my website and I can not be happier with the work they did and all the insight they gave me. Just by viewing my social media they were able to get a good understanding of my brand and myself as a person, and with that they were able to improve my website tenfold. I appreciate the time they took to give feedback on the work I’d already completed on my site. I truly recommend Amanda and her team for any work you need done related to your website or other parts of your business! I would definitely use them again!"

A. From Toronto / Our mentee's names are always kept confidential